We Maximize eCommerce ROI

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We Maximize eCommerce ROI

We’re going to explore five methods to help every last drop of ROI from your eCommerce site.

Focus on Increasing Average Order Value

We focus on customer acquisition. But a far more valuable method is increasing the average checkout spend of your existing customers.

Here’s how we can do it:

Incorporate personalised recommendations on product pages and at checkout. By placing an appropriate product directly on a customer’s lap.

Offer complementary products on the product page or when checking out. By offering handpicked items, directly related to the original product, you can ramp up AOV. Selling a camera? This is your perfect opportunity to offer a case, batteries, tripod, a photography ‘how-to book, and more. The majority of products will have at least one complementary item that you can cross-sell. Or instead, upsell to customers by promoting an upgrade or higher-value version of the product.

Using Email to Nurture Customer Relationships

Email marketing provides you with direct access to your customer and so is a crucial tool in maximising our eCommerce strategy.

We are using email in the following situations:

Post-purchase is an ideal time to engage with your customer. Whether it’s offering extra product information, aftercare, special discounts on the next purchase or relevant complementary products, this email campaign allows you to keep up a dialogue with customers, build trust and nurture your developing relationship.

Research indicates that average cart abandonment is high—almost 70%, but that abandoned cart emails have a relatively high open rate of 44%. Again, there’s a chance here to use email to re-engage with abandoned cart customers and to direct them back to complete that sale!

Generate Social Proof

eCommerce BRAND

Social proof is a demonstration that other people have purchased and enjoyed a particular product, thereby encouraging you to do the same.

User-generated content is extremely cost-effective and, as consumer-led text, is valuable to other shoppers and to search engines. So leverage UGC on a website (through reviews, testimonials or social media posts) to build trust, brand loyalty and ultimately sales.

Simple and Secure Checkout

At a time when customers hold all the cards in the merchant/customer relationship, it’s crucial that we offer payment options that are quick (think the tap of a button), easy (no extra logins needed) and secure.

Be Where Your Customers Are

We Focus on customers’ movements and interactions with brands that are fluid. Not only are customers flipping between devices but they’re also jumping across your channels be it in one store, another store, your eCommerce site, your Instagram page or your customer support.

After all, customers want a relationship with us at every touchpoint, and they want to know that we care about them (in and amongst the millions of other shoppers out there).
So in terms of eCommerce ROI, the creation of compelling and value-adding digital experiences lies at the heart of all other initiatives. Because this is what will deepen customer relationships, drive brand loyalty, and lay the foundations for long-term and secure growth.
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